Become a member of Just Lodges and take advantage of the many benefits of being able to display all the information about your park to our many thousands of visitors online.

We work hard to enable you to reach new audiences of people who have not yet bought a lodge or log cabin and just over 65% of the visitors to Just Lodges are looking to buy and just over 26% are looking to rent. The remainder are looking at both options.

Platinum and Gold Packages will be given a Username and Password to log in and keep all their details up to date on a regular basis. No more waiting for your next hard copy advertisement  to be published – no more  additional graphic designer costs for changing your advert.

Each time you upload details of a holiday lodge or vacant plot you have for sale, details are automatically sent out to our Property Alert subscribers interested in purchasing in your county, around Sunday lunchtime.

Have you ever paid to have an advert designed for a show home you have for sale for a hard copy magazine and found that by the time it is published, you have sold it? I have!

Frustrating isn’t it?

Take a look at our attractive packages available below. Access is available 24/7 for 365 days a year and then give us a call if you have any questions.

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Gold package – £399 + VAT per annum

(Gold packages are displayed in an automatically randomised listing above silver packages)

  • Name of Park Owner
  • Contact name (Warden, Sales, Sales Manager etc)
  • Name of Park
  • Address
  • Full contact details, including direct email and a link to your own website
  • A park slideshow with up to 10 images
  • Full description of your park
  • Display your park’s facilities
  • Display nearby recreation and facilities
  • Display your logo
  • Full directions + location of park shown on Google Map
  • Display Trade Association Membership and Awards
  • Offer download of your brochure in PDF format
  • Display your own Guestbook Comments
  • Sales and/or rental facility to show unlimited individual lodges, log cabins, pods or treehouses, advanced orders and plots available, with 8 images per unit, plus a floorplan. The more the better!
  • The opportunity to show your lodges etc on the Right Move website without paying any Estate Agency commission
  • Link through to 360° views of your show lodges etc where available
  • Advertise your Open Days or Weekends on our home page and our Open Weekends & Events section. These are also shown on our Twitter and Facebook pages and given adequate notice, will be published on our subscriber e-newsletters.

Platinum package – £499 + VAT per annum

Platinum packages are shown in an automatically randomised listing above all other packages
and there are only five Platinum places at the top of each county listing.

  • All of the facilities included within the Gold package, plus
  • 20 images in your park slideshow
  • Show videos of your park



Need help?

Not to worry – you have two options. Firstly, there are humans always on the other end of the telephone during the working day to help and guide you through the simple procedure.

Alternatively, we offer an administration facility for just £299.00 + VAT per annum payable in advance. You can phone or email us up to twice a month to alter your entry and add or adjust the details of your lodges, advanced orders and plots available.

We have a fairly good library of stock photos and you are welcome to use these, although, we would suggest that actual photos of the lodges on site are always better.

Tel: 01344 303090 or email: [email protected]


We worked hard through the pandemic to keep the momentum going in the interest of holiday lodges and it seems to have worked.

Our visitors like our informative Just Lodges website and take confidence in the knowledge that there is no confusion between holiday and residential listings. If residential is what a website visitor is looking for, they are guided towards our residential website Park Home Living. We have the buyers, but we could do with some more lodges showing on our website to offer them.

If you aren’t already working with us, consider joining to enable us to give our visitors the best and most possible choices that the UK holiday lodge parks have to offer.

We understand completely the difficulty in finding availability and some of the stories about delivery times being put back once, twice and sometimes even three times.

In order to help we are currently requesting details from the NCC Technical Division a list of all manufacturers of park homes that are NCC Approved. These will then be added to our manufacturer's listing as complimentary entries with a contact telephone number. There maybe some there that you didn't know existed and can offer a better delivery date. There has been a short delay on our being able to do this, but they should be uploaded in the next couple of weeks.


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2020 64892 58372 49118 43648 57002 76627 133872 130900 91516 80253 46335 48823 881358
2021 64513 72198 84010 97964 113460 97100 94472 100213 72555 64070 46878 42571 950004
2022 77012 67100 70176 76777                 291065

A great solution for marketing your business in front of the thousands of surfers that visit our sites every day!

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