We have pleasure in offering you the links through to the current list of guidelines for the material information in property listings as issued by the National Trading Standard Estate and Letting Agency Team.

Published 30 November 2023
Material Information in Property Listings - Guide for Sellers and Landlords

Published 30 November 2023
Full material information guidance

Published 30 November 2023
Material information quick guide for Property Agents

Published August 2023
Terms used in property advertising (sales and lettings)

Published 5th May 2022
'Price on application' in property listings deemed unlawful

Our advice would be, if you are using an estate agent to ensure you check their entry of your property on the property portals and their own websites. We have seen a multitude of incorrect information, particularly in the category and the tenure of properties.

If 'park homes' are listed by an estate agent on a holiday park, we understand from the Advertising Standards Authority that to be preceded by the word 'holiday' as 'holiday park home' would be acceptable, as in any other case the words park home would be recognised as residential. We have seen holiday lodges described as park homes, which in our opinion can't help a sale.

We are advised by our legal advisors that park homes are not sold as a 'virtual freehold', which we have also seen. Currently, it looks as though NTS want to use 'non-traditional tenure', but we will be looking into adding a tenure category for park homes considering the number that are being advertised on the property portals.

We are pleased that On The Market have listened to us and for holiday lodges there is now an additional category for 'holiday licenced agreement' and 'regulated licenced agreement ' for residential park homes. Although we do feel that this perhaps should be changed to 'regulated residential agreement' to better distinguish between the two types.

You may feel that this information is not required to be shown on your own park websites. This is a grey area and we will seek to find the answer. However, if you are selling a secondhand lodge, log cabin or park home on behalf of the owner, we feel you would become the agent. In any event, you will need to have this information ready to supply to your estate agent.


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