Just Lodges are pleased to announce that we can now offer you virtual tours in house!

Step into our office by clicking on the images and see if you can find where our pet friendly sales director sits!

We have been forever grateful to the manufacturers for producing virtual tours of their park homes and lodges, but if you have a show lodge/park home with fantastic views, then a unique virtual tour would be an even better sales tool! Just imagine how excited a prospective purchaser would be to see a 360° view they could enjoy from their decking.

Just selling the lodges and park homes isn't always the answer. Selling the holiday lodge and/or park home lifestyle is and to help you manage that a virtual tour of your clubhouse, restaurant, indoor pool, gardens, entrance etc will certainly help. So why not ask us for a quote to do that as well.

Give us a call on 01344 303090

The Duchess of Cambridge bistro pub in Windsor virtual tour gives you examples of how we can offer additional facilities. Walk through the pub and click on any of the circles you see and up will come a variety of menus, a video etc giving a prospective customer a much clearer idea of the ambience they can expect.

Translate this to a lodge or park home and we can pinpoint a dishwasher, washing machine, optional extras and any other unique eco friendly items etc., that you feel will make your lodge/park home stand out from the crowd and offer better value for money!


A great solution for marketing your business in front of the thousands of surfers that visit our sites every day!

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